Melissa Dunkley

Director of Montessori, Tubman Montessori
Joined the Team in 2016

Melissa is the Director of Montessori at Tubman Montessori. Melissa attended Greenville College in Illinois where she received a BA in Psychology and Sociology. Melissa has held multiple positions in the field of education within various nonprofits; such as a Teaching Fellow with Citizen Schools, an AfterSchool Leader with the Blue Mountain Project, and a Behavioral Specialist with Graham Windham. In 2014, Melissa joined Teach For America and became an Early Childhood Educator in Oklahoma. After finishing the corps in 2016, Melissa started working as a K-1-2 teacher at Harriet Tubman Charter School. Melissa believes that the Montessori program has been instrumental in fostering a love of learning within her students. While working at Harriet Tubman, Melissa also received her MS in Educational Studies from John Hopkins University.