haley mueller

Haley Ames
Director of Special Education, Tubman Montessori
Joined the Team in 2017

Haley Ames is the Director of Special Education at Tubman Montessori. In this role, Haley strives to create an environment for exceptional learners to grow and excel. Haley studied at Kent State University where she received her B.S in Special Education (K-12 moderate-intensive). After graduating, Haley went on to work at a public school in Canton, Ohio, where she taught in a self-contained classroom for scholars with a range of exceptionalities and medical needs. In July 2017, Haley moved to New Orleans to join the Harriet Tubman team as K-1-2 resource teacher. During the 2017-2018 school year, 80% of the scholars on her caseload met or exceeded their annual reading goals. In 2019, Haley became Dean of Special Education for the K-1-2 Montessori program, and helped to pilot the new inclusion program.