Aurora Program

Our Aurora Program is designed to support the needs of students for whom the regular school day is not an appropriate environment. Serving up to 40 students from our three Crescent City Schools campuses, Aurora is a nurturing, academically rigorous, and joyful environment. 

An alternative to a traditional classroom or a special needs classroom in a regular setting, the Aurora setting is a small school setting with 5-6 students in each classroom, supported by multiple adults.

Students are identified for the Aurora program at the school site and for a variety of emotional or learning issues. We work closely with families to decide  if Aurora is the right placement for their child, and we make sure that communication between school sites is streamlined.  

The Aurora school day runs from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM and includes ample time for academic work, social and emotional learning, and enrichment classes. Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided. The program has a small student to teacher ratio (8:1) and each classroom has a full-time paraprofessional for additional support. Staff regularly monitor and review progress towards IEP goals and the Director of the Aurora Program works directly with the Special Education Department from each scholar’s sending school to keep them updated on scholar progress. In addition, because we believe that communication with parents is a vital piece of our program, Aurora teachers send home daily and weekly progress reports and meet with parents regularly to ensure that everyone is working together to help our scholars achieve their goals.

Though the Aurora program is designed to support the students of Crescent City Schools, we occasionally open up free spaces for students from other campuses. For more information on the Aurora Program, or to inquire as to if we have any current openings for students, please email