Grades 3-8

At Harriet Tubman, we believe that all students deserve a rigorous and equitable education. We take a team approach to ensure that all students experience high-quality instruction. These whole-school implementations lead students to achieve at high levels and allow those who are behind or need intervention to catch up. To further support these academic structures, all teaching staff utilize the similar classroom instructional methods, which are based on best practices for classroom teaching. All teachers get extensive professional development in their subject area to ensure they’re prepared to support students of every stage of learning.

Whole-School Instructional Methods

  • Standards-Based, Aligned Curriculum
  • Focus on Planning
  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Explicitly Teach Habits of Mind
  • Tiered-Based Grouping and Instructional Organization
  • Multi-Layered System of Intervention

Classroom Instructional Methods

  • Instructional Fidelity to Tier 1 Curriculum
  • Engagement strategies to involve everyone in learning
  • Purposeful practice to master standards
  • Daily Use of Data
  • Meaningful Homework

Programs utilized:

  • English: Wit and Wisdom
  • Math: Eureka Math
  • Science: Amplify
  • Social Studies: LDOE
  • Language: Core Knowledge
  • Intervention Curriculum: Phonics Boost and Blast (Really Great Reading Company), Math: Zearn ST Math

Standards-Based, Aligned Curriculum

We believe in a rigorous and equitable education provided for all learners in our buildings. Common Core State Standards guide the curriculum and help teachers determine what to teach so that students master the expectations for each grade level. Teachers align their instruction to Common Core standards to ensure students get a conceptual understanding of the complexities of each subject. In order to meet the needs of our students while reaching the levels of rigor in the Common Core standards we design our own curriculum scope and sequence based on best practices from multiple sources.

Data-Driven Instruction

Harriet Tubman teachers are committed to the constant pursuit of information about student learning and use assessments to inform their planning and teaching. All pre-k and Kindergarten students take the state mandated TS-Gold assessment to track their progress in early childhood. All students are assessed with the nationally normed NWEA MAP test, and for their reading level. Reading level assessments determine their placement in daily language instruction in grades K-1-2 and in intervention classes in grades 3-8.

In addition to these progress tests, students take formative tests each trimester with state-issued interims. These are aligned to the LEAP test students in grades 3-8 take yearly, and are designed to prepare students for the rigors of LEAP and inform classroom instruction. Unit tests and weekly quizzes are also a part of regular instruction at Tubman, helping teachers accurately assess where students have unfinished learning or gaps in their skills.


Tubman is a Verizon Innovative Learning School. Check out this portfolio and learn more about the program!

Our Title 1 school-wide plan is available on this page.