Arts and Enrichment

Arts and Enrichment at Tubman

Arts + Enrichment

We believe that the integration of arts and physical education into the school day increases student’s success academically. We also just think that these experiences are important for students—art and music are wonderful ways for students to express themselves and explore the world. Sports and physical education teach students perseverance, responsibility, and teamwork.

Our art classes give students the opportunity to explore different mediums and appreciate their creativity and curiosity. In music, students learn music history and theory, reading music and recognizing sounds, and creating and performing rhythms. Physical education at Harriet Tubman focuses on teaching students the importance of physical fitness, healthy competition, and showing unity to achieve a goal.

In the elementary school, art, music, and physical education teachers provide enrichment classes to grades K-4. Each elementary student has enrichment twice a day. They learn how to express themselves in color and forms, how to read and perform music, and the importance of physical fitness and teamwork. In the middle school, each student has 60 minutes of enrichment each day. Students sign-up for their enrichment classes and choose between offerings like competitive sports, choir, music appreciation, visual art, French, animal care, and computers. The middle school classes are project-based and last for three months. Students work towards specific goals: a grand performance, athletic games against other schools, a public service project, or a presentation.