High School Readiness

High School Readiness

Since 2011, 95% of our 8th graders go on to attend high performing high schools. These schools include:

  • Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Carver Collegiate Academy
  • Cohen College Prep
  • Edna Karr High School
  • John Curtis High School
  • Metairie Park Country Day School
  • New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
  • New Orleans Military + Maritime Academy
  • Sci Academy
  • Sophie B. Wright Charter High School
  • St. Augustine High School
  • Warren Easton Charter High School


Although we talk about high school and college with all of our scholars, we work especially closely with our 8th graders and their families. The program involves one-on-one meetings with 8th graders to talk about school choice, field trips to high-performing high schools, and an enrichment class that focuses on study skills, goal-setting, and getting students to feel prepared and confident for high school.

We also stay in touch with our students! We visit them in their high school, and provide social support to support our students’ journey through high school.

Our students know that making good choices will keep them on the path to college. We believe that the choice of which high school to attend is the most important decision they will make in determining their path to college. It is much easier to get to college if your high school is focused on that goal and sends the majority of its high school graduates to college.

We want every scholar to attend a high-performing high school, which we define as a school with at least 85% or more of their graduates attending college.

Moving from Harriet Tubman to high-performing high schools is a comfortable transition for our students, as the high expectations and structures that they are used to in middle school are found in their high schools. Our students are eager to stay on the path to college and want to go to a high school that will support them on this journey.