Harriet Tubman Outperforms in Growth and Excels with Scholars with Special Needs


Today’s release of School Performance Scores (SPS) for the 2017 -2018 school year from the Louisiana Department of Education shows that Harriet Tubman is among an exceptional group of 14 open-enrollment, K-8 schools in New Orleans that received an “A” grade for advancing student learning from one year to the next. Our scores in growth exceeded the averages of both the state and the city of New Orleans.

In addition to our “A” Growth score, we received two rare Honoree Distinctions for our scores in Equity and Top Gains. These honors acknowledge our ability to grow scholars, including those with disabilities, economic hardship, and/or English language learning needs. We are one of only two open-enrollment K-8 schools in the city to receive both of these honors.

Julie Lause, Principal of Harriet Tubman Charter School, shared “Every year we raise expectations for academics as our kids grow and can do more. We are so excited about the progress our scholars continue to make.”