Tubman Welcomes Superintendent John White during his Statewide Tour


Photo by The Advocate Photographer Matthew Hinton

On Monday, November 6th, Harriet Tubman Charter School received a special visit from State Superintendent of Education John White. Tubman was honored to be selected, since this sort of visit is rare. They were also excited about his visit as it gave them the opportunity to show off their K-1-2 Montessori program.

The K-1-2 Montessori program has been highlighted for making significant progress academically as well as offering something unique and special for parents.

Photo by The Advocate Photographer Matthew Hinton

Principal Julie Lause expressed how this visit was a special recognition for Tubman and their K-1-2 Montessori program.“The way we think about building a strong foundation for learning is something Superintendent White and his team wanted to see first hand,” she said. “I am very proud of the work we have done internally to get to the point where others want to learn from us.”


Superintendent White was excited to visit Tubman and praised the work being done in the classrooms.

Photo by The Advocate Photographer Matthew Hinton

“This school is an innovative school that is doing things creatively for its families and for its children,” he said. “It’s also a great example of how the school came in, took over in a situation that was troubled, and has really turned it around. This is a school that is on the rise, and that’s great news for education in New Orleans.”

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