Recognizing importance of student growth, EdNavigator gives Tubman “B” rating


EdNavigator, a nonprofit whose mission is to help New Orleans families provide their children with the best possible education, recently released its own grades for K-8 public schools in New Orleans.

StudentsJumpingEdNavigator published its own grades for schools in Orleans Parish on February 2, 2017. Although the state of Louisiana already provides annual grades for schools, EdNavigator’s grades attach greater importance to student growth than those currently provided by the state.

Under EdNavigator’s evaluation, Harriet Tubman Charter School earned a “B” grade for the second year in a row. This grade reflects Tubman’s track record of student achievement, and better demonstrates the progress of students who begin the school year academically behind, make significant strides, but who may still fall short of the proficiency cutoff.

“Measuring growth is so important and we are thrilled that Ed Navigator is using its platform to educate the community about it . Just a few short years ago, Tubman was an ‘F’ school. We have made huge gains along the way, most notably creating an intervention program that supports struggling students,” shared Tubman Principal and Crescent City Schools co-founder Julie Lause.

“The ‘B’ from EdNavigator reflects that most of our students, even very low performing students, are making significant progress each year towards their goal of mastery. We are especially thankful to our teachers who work so hard to help every single scholar make these big gains. We are also grateful that EdNavigator recognizes the important role student growth should play when evaluating schools.”